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Mapping for Impact

Across our national network, chapters participate in 2 map-a-thons each month: the organized and local map-a-thon. A map-a-thon is a coordinated mapping event that brings mappers together, in person or virtually, to share knowledge and contribute to a mapping project.


 The organized map-a-thon will have a pre-selected mapping task and a guest speaker interview that centralize around a core topic in humanitarian mapping. During a chapter's organized map-a-thon, the elected student officials are responsible for carrying out the map-a-thon, with assistance from their chapter advisor. All the resources for the organized map-a-thon can be found on each month's module page. 


After the organized map-a-thon, elected student officials are tasked with organizing and executing a local map-a-thon or mapping activity for their school's chapter. We suggest that students organize an activity that relates to that month's theme. The local map-a-thon is a time for chapters to engage with their local community. Resources on how to plan a local map-a-thon and past examples of activities are includes on each month's module page. 

Explore each month's theme by clicking below.

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